HCI Fitness Display V2

Export Workout Report to USB

HCI Fitness Display V2

Identifying what display you have.

V2 Display

LXT V2 Display

Workout Report to USB is possible with the HCI Fitness Display V2.

LXT V2 Display

Select Workout

First select and complete your workout.

Step 1

Use the workouts button to cycle through programs.

Step 2

Press Enter select the desired workout program.

User Setup

Enter User Information

Step 1

Select your gender.

Use the + / - button to change gender.

Press enter to select your gender.

Step 2

Enter your age.

Use the + / - button to change age.

Press enter to select your age.

Step 3

Enter your weight.

Use the + / - button to change weight.

Press enter to select your weight.

Step 4

Enter your desired workout time.

Use the + / - button to change time.

Press enter to select your workout time.

*Addition Information will need to be entered for constant programs. Please refer to your user manual

View Workout Summary

Enter Workout Summary at any time during your workout.

Step 1

Press the Pause button.

Step 2

Press press the reset button.

Step 3

Press the report button.

Step 4

Insert your usb into the back of the display.

Step 5

Press the enter botton X2.

Workout Summary User Setup

Please enter some information about your workout.

At any time you may press the PAUSE button to go back a step

Step 1

You can use your name or a client number for the Workout ID.

Use the + / - to cycle (0-9) and (A-Z)

Press enter until all the _ are filled.

Step 2

Enter the date of your workout. (Day / Month / Year)

Use the + / - buttons to cycle from 0 - 9

Press the enter button to select each part of the date.

Step 3

Press Enter to export your workout summary to USB.

The screen will read "complete" to indicate a sucessful export.

In the event of an error message press the pause button to return to the previous step, then repeat step 3. If you need further assistance please call.

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