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HealthCare International is a leading manufacturer of innovative and affordable products for Health, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Active Aging.

Our brand HCI Fitness offers affordable prices for high-quality commercial fitness equipment, ensuring the highest level of value for our customers.

Since 1992, our dedication to service and innovation has driven our product development in order to meet customer's needs ranging from residential consumers to clinical application in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation facilities worldwide.

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Senior Walking treadmill for at home over 60 years old

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Recumbent Cross Trainers
PhsyioStep Recumbent Cross Trainers
Total Body Trainers
Total Body - Upper Body Ergometer
Upper Body
Upper body ergometers
Active & Passive
Upper body ergometers
Rowing Machines

Recumbent Cross Trainers

PhysioStep PRO


PhsyioStep PRO

Stepper Cross Trainer

Removable Wheelchair Seat

View PhysioStep PRO User Manual
PhysioStep LXT


PhysioStep LXT-700

Linear Cross Trainer

With Oversized Swivel Seat

View PhysioStep LXT User Manual
PhysioStep MDX


PhysioStep MDX

Elliptical Cross Trainer

With Oversized Swivel Seat

View PhysioStep MDX User Manual



Ipsilateral Cross Trainer

Side to Side Recumbent

View VersaStep User Manual
PhysioStep HXT


PhysioStep HXT

Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer

Compact & Affordable

View PhysioStep HXT User Manual
PhysioTrainer CXT


PhsyioTrainer CXT -No Assembly

Fully Assembled Cross Trainer

Self Powered Unit

View PhysioTrainer CXT User Manual

Total Body Trainers




Bike & UBE Total Body Trainer

With Independent Arm & Leg Motion

View PhysioMax User Manual
PhysioCycle XT


PhysioCycle XT

Bike & UBE Total Body Trainer

With Dependent Arms & Leg Motion

View PhysioCycle XT User Manual




PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

Rehabilitation Treadmill

With Reverse Belt

View PhysioMill User Manual


RehabMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

Rehabilitation Treadmill

Adjustable Handrails

View RehabMill User Manual


At PhysioGait we strive to provide reliable dynamic unweighting systems at an affordable price. PhysioGait dynamic unweighting systems are proudly manufactured in the European Union using lean production that allows for a high level of quality control and the immediate implementation of new technologies.

PhysioGait is dedicated to providing quality and innovative dynamic systems for all of your unweighting needs.

For more information visit PhysioGait's Website.




Dynamic Unweighting

View PhysioGait

Upper Body Ergometers

PhysioTrainer PRO


PhysioTrainer PRO

Arm & Leg Ergometer

Watts & METS

View PhysioTrainer PRO User Manual



Arm & Leg Ergometer

Training Ergometer

View PhysioTrainer User Manual
Hydraulic UBE Table


Hydraulic UBE Table

UBE Table

Sturdy and Convenient

View Hydraulic Table User Manual
Motorized UBE Table



UBE Table

With Hand-Held Remote

View Motorized Table User Manual

Active and Passive Trainers




Passive Trainer

Motorized Trainer for Arms and Legs

View eTrainer User Manual
eTrainer AP


eTrainer Active and Passive Trainer

Active and Passive Trainer

Bi-Directional Motorized and Resistnace

View eTrainer AP User Manual


OmniTrainer Advanced Active and Passive Trainer

Advanced Active and Passive Trainer

Active and Passive Trainer with Automatic Pedal Assist

View OmniTrainer User Manual

H2O Fitness

The H2O Fitness line of ProRowers are the most high quality and affordable rowers on the market today!

The H2O Fitness ProRowers are safe and user-friendly, ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. The oversized display is easy to read and features a built-in heart rate receiver, which lets you monitor your workout intensity.

The innovative Hydro-Power Drive System uses water as resistance, giving you an incredible on the water feel that is impossible to duplicate on a standard rowing machine. The ProRowers are lightweight, compact and can be stored anywhere from a corner to a closet.




Home Series

On the Water Feel

View RX-750 User Manual



Club Series

Commercial Grade

View RX-950 User Manual

AirTEK Fitness - Wind Powered High Intensity Interval Training Exercise Equipment

AirTEK Fitness is focused on providing you the highest quality and most durable full commercial air resistance fitness products possible through our Technology, Experience, and Knowledge that we developed over the last 25 years in the fitness industry.

AirTEK Fitness products utilize a 25” steel fan blades with weighted inertia allow for a smooth and natural progression towards unlimited wind resistance while still being effective during HIIT Starts & Stops.

HIIT Air Bike


AirTEK Fitness HIIT Air Bike

Full Commercial Air Bike

View HIIT Air Bike
HIIT Rower


AirTEK Fitness HIIT Air + Magnetic Rower

Full Commercial Air + Magnetic Rower

View HIIT Rower

CardioMed Treadmills

CardioMed Treadmills strives to provide reliable testing treadmills with innovative solutions at an affordable price.

CardioMed Treadmills are proudly manufactured in the European Union using small batch production that allows for the highest level of attention to detail and the ability to develop unique solutions for a variety of testing applications.

CardioMed Treadmills' small batch production allows for unrivaled attention to detail and innovative design solutions. CardioMed's solid steal frame and 4 HP AC motor provides stability and confidence for clients, while operating at whisper quiet sound levels due to CM Tech's sound dampening technology.

For more information visit CardioMed Treadmills' Website.

CMT 20-58
CMT 20-58

ECG & Stress

View CMT 20-58
CMT 22-63
CMT 22-63

ECG & Performance

View CMT 22-68
CMT 26-73
CMT 26-73

Advanced Performance

View CMT 26-73

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