Monark Exercise
Monark Exercise

Monark Exercise AB Sports & Medical bikes are designed and built in Sweden by Monark Exercise AB with focus on testing and training in Medicine, Sports, Health-care and Rehabilitation.

Monark Exercise AB has over 100 years of experience in bicycle production. A tradition that has yielded know-how, experience, and a real feel for the product and quality.

Since the early 1900s, Monark’s cycles have been living proof of precision, reliability, strength and service. That is one of the reasons why Monark Exercise AB is now the world leader in cycle ergometers and the market leader in Scandinavia in transport bikes.

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CardioMed Sports and Medical Testing Treadmills

CardioMed Treadmills

At CardioMed Treadmills we strive to provide reliable testing treadmills with innovative solutions at an affordable price. CardioMed Treadmills are proudly manufactured in the European Union using small batch production that allows for the highest level of attention to detail and the ability to develop unique solutions for a variety of testing applications.

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New Monark Novo System

The new Monark Novo System is the latest innovation in electronically braked cycle ergometers. The combination of Monark's classic manual calibration and the ability to control resistance from an external device with the Novo System has secured Monark Ergometers at the forefornt of cycle ergometer testing in both sports and medical applications.

Novo Overview

Quick Guide PDF

Monark Exercise Novo

Novo Screen

Responsive and Easy to Use.

Monark Exercise Novo

Novo System

Connect to testing softwares via USB and RS232

Monark Exercise Novo

Monark Exercise Sports

Electronically Controlled Ergometer =

CardioPulmonary Testing Ergometer=

Monark LC7 TT Novo

Time Trial Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise LC7 View LC7 User Manual

Monark LC6 Novo

Performance Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise LC6 View LC6 User Manual

Monark LC4 G3

Constant Power Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise LC4 View LC4 User Manual

Monark LT2 G3

Training Ergometer

Monark Exercise LT2 View LT2 G3 User Manual

Monark 828E

VO2 Max/Submax Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise 828E View 828E User Manual

Monark 894E

Anaerobic Wingate Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise 894E View 894E User Manual

Monark 874E

Weight Basket Training Ergometer

Monark Exercise 874E View 874E User Manual

Monark 891EW

Upper Body Wingate Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise 891EW View 891EW User Manual

Monark 891E

Upper Body Weight Basket Traing

Monark Exercise 891E View 891E User Manual

Monark 831E

Upper Body Constant Power Ergometer

Monark Exercise  831E View 831E User Manual

Monark 839E

VO2 Max/SubMax Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise 839E View 839E User Manual

Monark Exercise Medical

Electronically Controlled Ergometer =

CardioPulmonary Testing Ergometer=

Monark 939 Novo

Electronically Controlled Ergometer

Monark Exercise 939 Novo View 939 Novo User Manual

Monark 928 G3

Electronic VO2 Max/Submax Ergometer

Monark Exercise  928G3 View 928 G3 User Manual

Monark 927E

Rehab + Training Bike

Monark Exercise 927E View 927E User Manual

Monark RC6 Recumbent Novo

Recumbent Bike Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise RC6 Recumbent Testing Ergometer View RC6 User Manual

Monark RC4 Recumbent Novo

Recumbent Bike Testing Ergometer

Monark Exercise RC4 Recumbent Testing Ergometer View RC4 User Manual

Monark RT2 G3

Recumbent Cardio Comfort Cycle

Monark Exercise  RT2 View RT2 G3 User Manual

Monark 827E

Fitness Cycle - Classic Frame

Monark Exercise 827E View 827E User Manual

Monark 915E

Mini Exercise Cycle

Monark Exercise 915E View 915E User Manual

Monark 881E

Rehab Trainer Ergometer with WATTS

Monark Exercise 881E View 881E User Manual

Monark 871E

Mini Rehab Trainer

Monark Exercise 871E View 871E User Manual

UBE Tables

UBE Tables Compatible With Monark

Motorized UBE Table View Tables

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